Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What is stronger than the wind, a 7lb chihuahua or a hawk?

What is stronger than the wind?

I live in Connecticut and over the past few weeks
the wind has been so strong that I thought
my 7lb Chihuahua puppy was going to be
swept away to Oz when I took her outside
off of her leash.
Luckily we both stayed firmly planted
on our morning potty walk however, I watched
as she kept her eyes on me the entire time,
making sure I was there to catch her if she blew away.

Same week, different morning,
I arrived at the location I start most of my days
and I was greeted by the same hawk
that has come to be one of the signs
I look forward to on most mornings.
This day was so crazy windy,
I thought, I just might end up in Oz myself.
I looked up to see this beautiful bird of prey
fighting as hard as she could to stay her course
in the sky. I watched and said softly
to myself, 'she's got this, her wings are stronger
than they appear'. Sure enough she found
the path of least resistance and off she went
to the safety of a nearby tree.

Back to the question, which is stronger?

The answer may, or may not surprise you.
Before I owned a Chihuahua I would have had no doubt
that it was the hawk.

We all spoiled our Gidget from the moment
we brought her home. So much so that now we have a
growling, entitled, little alpha that we are retraining
to be a part of our family and not the boss of us all.

The hawk on the other hand has survived on its own,
for the most part since birth. showing nothing but

The answer is............
Both are equally stronger than the wind.

Both, survived because no matter how strong
the wind was they both made the choice to battle on.

Gidget, seeing me and knowing that I would help her,
however, ultimately helping herself to get to a safe place.

The hawk, depending on her own wings that had carried her
all her life to bring her to her safe place.

As a momma I was so very proud of both of these
small but mighty creatures
and so very grateful for the reminder
that I, too, have the power within me to 
survive the windy days that threaten to blow me away.

Oz may seem like a great place to visit, just as Dorothy believed;
but at the end of the day.............................................

There's no place like home

Today I pray for
firm grounding on a windy day
With love, k

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