Saturday, January 5, 2019

Make room...............

Healing by Simplifying  in 2019

The sun rising over Ben's cemetery 
making room for another day!

Look closely at your life.... your home, car, work, friends; your mind, your body and your spirit.

Are there people who bring more fear, negativity, sadness, frustration and guilt than positivity, love and happiness?

Are there ideas you are holding on to because it is what you have always believed?
Spending your time 'chasing' the next fix, leaves little time for anything else.

Feeding your body with poison leaves no hunger for anything else.

Finally, filling your mind with spirit killing thoughts and ideas others have told you or you've learned to tell yourself  will slowly but surely destroy you. 

If these areas aren't feeding your spirit there is less room for the ones that do.

Make room...……. 

Make room by releasing the old ways of thinking to allow in the new.

This year choose you; your best you,  the you that rises to make room for a life filled with joy!

Surrounding you with love and light for the journey!

xox k

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