Friday, January 3, 2020

My phone call from Lincoln saying he saw Ben this morning...and he did!

Ben transitioned to his new life in Spirit when Hillary was five weeks pregnant with Lincoln and Cam was a few months shy of two years old. When Ben was alive, Cam had terrible night terrors consistently. Almost immediately after Ben's crossing over those terrors turned into night after night of him laughing in his sleep; awakening in sadness and grumpiness every morning. When asked what was wrong he would say daddy played with him when he was sleeping and had to go when he woke up. From the moment Lincoln was born he would look over Hillary's right shoulder and smile/laugh for what appeared to be no reason as Hillary experienced goosebumps in the same area. When Lincoln learned to talk he would talk about Ben as if he knew him and would look off to what appeared to be nowhere and smile or talk or be silly as if he was playing with someone who we couldn't see.  I have shared many times over the past few years, signs of Ben's presence but today when Lincoln called me on his way to school it was different. 

Lincoln :) 

Lincoln can be a little guy of few words and most of the words are silly, made up, or simply funny sounds; not words at all. Lincoln often lives in his own little world happy as a clam and is the sweetest little munchkin (okay, most of the time).

When my phone rang and I saw his face (Facetime*) I was surprised because Cam is usually the caller... I'm lucky if I get a 'hi, Nena" and a grunt most times from Lin.

Hillary was in the background, driving Lin to school and he says, "Nena I saw daddy in the driveway and then he disappeared!" I immediately said, 'Oh my goodness, how lucky are you' to which he responds, with an emphatic, "yeah, he was right there by mommy's car!" I believe in the power of Spirit and I believe we are all born with innate gifts and understandings of where we came from that are often pushed back in our minds or forgotten because they are not nurtured, or they are dismissed. 

Rather than telling, I prefer to ask questions so I did.
Me: Lincoln, where were you?
I was looking out the window. (He was in their living room)
Where did you see daddy?
He was in the driveway by mommy's car.
Oh my goodness how lucky are you?
Yeah Nena, then he disappeared!
He did, wow that's pretty cool! How did you know it was daddy?
Because it was... (looking at a picture of Ben Hillary keeps in her car to show me he knew what he was talking about)
Were you scared?
No, (in a sad voice) but he went invisible!
Well how exciting that you got to see him for a few minutes, what a treat!
Yeah, here's mommy...

for those of us that know Lincoln this is a major conversation, his attention span is usually pretty short for just about everything. Hillary called me right after dropping Cam so as to let him share without her putting ideas or words into his mouth or Cam getting anxious. When Lincoln first told her daddy was outside by the car she immediately went to see if indeed someone was outside which is when Lincoln told her "AWW, He went invisible". 

This is not a little boy with imaginary friends...this is a little boy who has had this gift since birth. This gift is more common than we know because often we are trained to tell our kids to only believe in what they can see. That situations such as these are imagined. This is not true.

The more I study physics/theology/religious tradition and end of physical life, the more proof I see of the separation of the life force from the physical body upon the death of the body not the death of the whole! The energy that binds our connection; binds our spirit to our bodies remains alive and lives on as an energetic presence in the multiverse not universe, we live in. 

Thank God for the Lincoln's of the world who remind us that Spirit is alive and well and living among us. Many of our SOS family have shared with me a serendipitous story of a message through a song, bird, flower, a smell or feeling of presence. For me, a ring with BEN (the only letters in the price code on the tag when we were shopping for a ring after his passing; the perfect sign that we had made the correct choice; the elderly sales clerk with tears in his eyes because of his own awe and surprise at the ability of LIFE to catch you off guard make all of this true in the richest sense.

Please, please, please! Encourage the Spirits in your life to be present and they will be and by all means lift up children who have this gift!

Divine Spirit Of LOVE!
I give you thanks for the blessing
of those who see spirit with 
the eyes of a child! 

The Spirit of God lives in and through
our children and all of us!

Peace ~ Love & a childlike vision
be with you today and always!

xo, k

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