Saturday, August 13, 2016

Are angels everywhere? YES absolutely everywhere!

I have read many articles that talk about angels being all around us. I have always believed this to be true and over the past, almost year and a half since Ben left this life I have been looking more closely to see the signs. I find comfort knowing that those that have gone before me are still very near. I have researched all of the different ways that they present themselves to you, if only you open your eyes and your heart to seeing them. Take the time to be present and notice the little things, they may turn out to be messages of love and peace from above.

Signs that you are being visited by angels:
  • dreaming of a loved one, being offered a message or waking with a sense of their presence
  • seeing spots of bright lights or orbs, either in life or in photographs
  • unexpected sweet smells
  • finding feathers (different colors often have different meanings)
  • children, especially babies often have a greater connection to spirit because have not yet been told that they "don't exist". Watch for little ones laughing for no apparent reason or looking toward an area where you can't see something that they appear to.
  • repeating numbers 333 (my spirit guide number) 11:11 is a common one that occurs for some, think and I am certain you too have a number
  • Angels in the clouds
  • a sense of not being alone when you are by yourself
  • a tingling sensation (goosebumps) when you think of or talk about someone who has passed
  • pets often sense the energy of angels (barking toward an empty space as if something is there)
  • music, a song that has always been a reminder of someone playing at exactly the moment you needed to hear it.
  • pennies from heaven (see post titled 'pennies from heaven')
  • rainbows, need I say more? those are absolutely a message from beyond, thank you God!
  • unexplained changes in temperature in your immediate vicinity
  • signs and advertisements, keep your eyes open for those they are definitely out there.
  • voices, that little voice in your head that tries to guide you that may sound exactly like someone you would have looked to for advice at that very moment
  • butterflies and birds
  • receiving a call, text, or email from the person you had been thinking about or needed to hear from, those messages are angels at work planting seeds in others to reach out
  • books and magazines that grab your attention, seemingly begging to be read
  • And of course, stones. Especially heart shaped ones, they appear on Ben's moms path often

              An angel who followed me the other day

All of these signs could be dismissed as coincidence. Ask yourself this questions, would it give you peace to believe you are being visited by spirits, angels, and a higher power watching over you?
My answer is an Absolute YES on all counts so I believe with my heart and soul that without a doubt I am never alone.

Divine heavenly Spirit,
thank you for making your presence,
and the presence of those who now reside with you
known in my life by the signs
you so generously show me every day.
Your gifts of peace and love
I receive through this gift
calm my soul when I need it most.

Peace be with you all the days of your lives and beyond,

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