Friday, August 12, 2016

What's under that tough exterior

Over the years my kids and Cameron have enjoyed breaking open geodes. A geode is a rock that on the outside in it's natural unbroken state doesn't look like much and is pretty unattractive as far as rocks go.

Most would probably pass it by if they saw it on the road thinking it was not worth adding to a collection of rocks. Those that know about rocks would be excited to find one because when you break it open there are absolutely gorgeous crystal formations inside. You never know what you are going to find until you get to the heart of the stone.

Many who suffer from addiction are just like those stones. On the outside they look pretty hardened and most folks would simply pass them by. Today I am asking you to try to take a closer look, try to see beyond the rough exterior to the heart of who that person was before the disease took over. I have met, known, loved and continue to love many that suffer with addiction. Addiction is not who they are it is merely a part of who they are. Please look for the beauty within, often it is right under the surface waiting for someone to find it. And please, be patient, some times those little buggers don't like to open up, when you come across something that took a long time to become hardened, that surface is not always so easy to break through.

                               NOT a geode, however it brings to mind
                                            what might lie within

The images of geodes you can find on the web are worth searching for, enjoy the search.
In peace, love and patience, Kristyn

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