Friday, August 26, 2016


Butterflies are another reminder of how we must give up our old ways of being to be able to embrace a new life. This is true both for those who suffer with addiction and those that love them.
For a caterpillar to become a butterfly they must wrap themselves up in a protective cocoon and take the time necessary to transform. Even when they immerge from their cocoon there is still a time of getting used to their new life; change takes time.

This time of experiencing the change is also necessary for those who care for those that suffer with this disease. When a person is in the early stages of recovery it is hard for a family member, friend, or spouse to accept that change has occurred. It takes time to let go of past feelings or resentments and fears. I always say once you are a parent of someone who suffers with addiction you are always that same parent. The same thing holds true for those that are cancer survivors. If you love someone who is in remission there is always that fear that the disease could return.

Today and many days I think about how I respond to those feelings that pop up from time to time. Fear is debilitating and what I know is that being afraid of something is not going to change whether or not it is going to occur. I try hard to focus on the positive changes (as hard as that may be at times) and remind myself that focusing on prayer and sending positive energy out to the universe is going to benefit me and those I love much more than sending out fear and negativity.

       My dear friend Cathie shared this beautiful butterfly with me

Transformation can be a terrifying process, however, it can be the most beautiful experience. Embrace the beauty that change can hold

Peace and love for the journey

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