Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A matter of time

Mindfulness means
focusing on being present,
embracing where you are
at any given moment.

Not looking back,
not looking forward.
Simply focusing on exactly
where you are.

When the past is too much
to bear &
and the future seems
so far away.

Focus your attention on
right now.

Most people do not experience
peace in their lives
at all times.
Learning to find as much peace
as possible takes practice.

I found this tiny little leaf (1/2" at best)
laying right there on my path
waiting to be found, right when I needed it most

Peace is something that
can grow within you.
Outside sources may give
you instant gratification,
however, that feeling goes away
as quickly as it comes.

True peace is finding a place
of comfort and security
within yourself, without the
need for something outside.

Take a deep breath and believe
that one moment can change
anything and everything.

If at first you don't succeed
try and try again.

Yesterday is gone
tomorrow will be here
before you know it.
This very moment is all you
really have control over.

Choose the path toward
happiness & peace
you may see a 'little' love
waiting just for you
just for today.

Begin today & end todayknowing you ARE loved
and prayed for
right now!


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