Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The light came before the light

Biblically speaking
on the first day God created light.

God saw the light was good
and separated the light from the darkness

It was not until the 4th day
that God created
the sun, moon and stars
(the physical lights)

The mystical light of the first day
is within us all.
We all have the ability to
let our light shine.

Most faith traditions
reference a kind of "light"
within us, it is the goodness that
the divine places in all of us all
on the day of our birth.

In some it is buried deep under darkness,
however, I believe it is there....
waiting to be lit and rise to the surface.

Today and always look to the light,
it is there, for you and for me
and for all who believe
in the light which is
& compassion

Let your light shine for
the peace
it provides you,
the peace
it provides others
and the peace
it puts into the universe

Darkness will not prevail,
never has,
never will

Heavenly light,
I thank you for shining
the warmth of your love
on me and all creation.
Help us to store that light
within our souls
so that we may embrace it
and share it with others.



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