Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Most powerful wireless connection

I have come to realize that I do not find the signs,
the signs find me.

Today, most people are looking for
the fastest wireless connection.

Companies advertise how theirs is
the latest and greatest.

They are not.
Prayer has been, is and will always be
the fastest and the greatest connection
known to humankind, and it's

There have been
thousands and thousands
of views of this site and
hundreds of stones given out
which adds up to
an incredible community of support
that grows every day
for all of us.

My prayer practice is not planned out.
Every time our community pops into my head
(which is many times throughout each day)
I pray, my prayers vary in the thought
although they never vary in the power
with which I send them out to you.

Many folks have shared that their prayers
include our ministry daily as well.

Open your mind,
Listen for the prayer......
When SOS pops into your mind
that IS spirit letting you know
that we are all with you.

We share with you;
Our love, our kindness, our compassion,
our sorrow in your frustration and loss,
and our joy in your triumphs.

May you feel that power
hovering over you
today and always

Peace be with you,

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