Sunday, March 27, 2016

Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday

Hello and good morning,
When I started offering nondenominational prayer to anyone and everyone, it was with the understanding that I would send out messages of healing to the universe without a religious bias. For me, my God and divine creator had a son named Jesus who was sent to show the world how to love one another as a teacher and a friend.  

This week (Holy Week), is my favorite time of year because it holds the entirety of my faith. I believe that although we may or may not share the same faith, it universally offers wisdom and support to those who struggle with difficult life choices and feelings of loneliness and despair.

Simply stated:

Beginning with Palm Sunday; Jesus enters Jerusalem to cheers of how wonderful he is with love and support for his mission from many.

By Thursday, he shares with his followers that he will not be with them much longer and that it is up to them to continue to teach others to love one another as he has loved them. After this time he is alone, and although his followers love him, he knows that ultimately they can not follow him where he is going.  It is a road that he must face on his own.

It is Friday, and Jesus, after being arrested, is crucified and dies; in the end knowing that he had to trust that there was a plan greater than his death. He had to trust what God had told him and believe that His God is merciful and would bring him to peace and fulfill His promises.

Saturday has always been the tough one for me; what now, how do I prepare, what do I do today to honor the loss and get ready for the miracle? I think about my journey and the events that have transpired and what my new role in life will be.  I have learned what I needed to learn through the teachings and I have prayed for the strength to live out those teachings each day so I can take that next step.

Then it happens, Easter morning it all makes sense.  All you have to do is believe, and what truly is a miracle can and did occur.  Jesus had power over the grave that could not hold him, and you have power over this disease.  Take that power and use it to be reborn into a new life of sobriety and peace.  This life is not an easy one, but you are not alone.  The decision you make every day to choose light over darkness is worth it.  You must do your best to focus on the incredible feeling you receive when you have made it work for one more day. Then one more day turns into a week, a month, and by grace and really hard work a lifetime.

I believe that addiction is a journey to hell and back, sometimes more than once. In the beginning, most people are unable or unwilling to see a problem.  In time, they realize that the disease has taken over and that they don't have as much control over what happens to them as they thought they did.  The disease continues to rear it's ugly head, and before you know it you realize the only way out is to give up your current way of thinking, let go, and let God (or whatever your higher power is) take over.  The 'Saturday' period of 'limbo', is that time when you must believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You must believe in yourself and the power or your spirit to guide you and see you through; you too, must take the next step and love yourself each step after that.  Before you know it you have journeyed farther than you dreamed possible.

 Most loving and merciful God, 
 I give you thanks for another day and for those 
you have placed in my life to guide me on my journey.
 It has not been an easy one. 
 Just as your Son overcame the grave, 
 and was granted new life. 
 I, too, can overcome all that causes me 
 to die to my old way of life and be reborn 
 into a new one filled with 
 peace & hope. 

The empty palm cross 
a reminder of rebirth in Ben's memorial garden

With Love & Support
Today & Always

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