Thursday, March 31, 2016

Staying strong with a little help

These images are of my favorite tree that resides in Simsbury, CT. 
 If you have not seen it in person it is well worth the trip.
This tree has withstood, hurricanes, snow storms, high winds, and the flooding
of the Farmington river. It is 100's of years old.  It has lost large limbs and small branches.
Through it all, it has stayed strong and is just as beautiful, 
if not more so for what it has endured.
If you look closely you can see wires that 
help to support the heavier branches.  This was a proactive step 
that was taken by those who oversee the health of the tree 
to try to keep it safe from breaking.

When you feel as though your body or mind could break at any moment,
reach out.  I know it is not always easy to ask or to find someone 
willing to help but there are many who will and do. If you reach out, there will be a path to find your way. the world has a way of helping when the intentions are there.
No matter how big or strong you are, sometimes you need a little help from friends.
Pinchot Sycamore Tree Simsbury, CT
Largest tree in CT and New England
Some say over 300 years old
and still standing tall

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