Friday, April 1, 2016

My tool box

My tool box

My goal for Stones of Support has been to keep it real.  To share
messages and images of peace and hope in Ben's honor.
None of us has all the answers and I know that it takes 
a lot more that 'happy thoughts' to stay sober.
I am not an addict but I have and do suffer from quite a few
mental illnesses that at times have been extremely debilitating.
 Through many years of therapy and research I have
learned that there is not one magical way to survive 
and live with any type of mental illness.  
It takes a 'tool box'
My tool box at home has many different tools that are necessary for 
all different things that need to be built up or repaired.
not every tool is going to work every day for every problem 
and when I don't have the right tool to do the job, I get a new one.
most people are willing to share their tools, you just have to ask.
Sometimes things that were fixed brake again and I am not one to
throw things away so I just keep fixing them.

This is one of my tool boxes 

My spiritual tool box has many different tools as well.
Each day brings new challenges and it takes
an entire tool box to face them.
Keep filling your tool box with as many tools as you need
and if those tools don't work find a new one.
I will tell you again and again; 
you are important and should not be discarded
just because at times you have needed 'some repairs'.

Today my prayer is that you always have access to as many
different tools as you need and that those around you 
offer to share their tools with you.

Blessings for hope and peace today and always
with much love

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