Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Part one: Breaking a few dishes


Over the years, I have broken a lot of 'things'. My kids will tell you, 'when mom is angry, look out'.
I do most things in my life with abundance, love, and passion. This is great when it comes to loving and caring, not so much when it comes to anger. I do nothing halfway. Today's post is not about the love, it is about the anger. When I get angry my face turns red, my body tenses, and at times I have been known to FLIP OUT; I can see the smoke coming out of my ears and feel them burning. Sometimes it is easy to do the reasonable thing, walk away, take a deep breath and count to ten to diffuse my fury. Other times I could count to a billion and breathe like it was my last and it does nothing. On those days I have been known to break things. Mostly dishes, but other things have crossed my path at the wrong moment and ended up in the line of fire. I try hard to focus on what the true cause of my anger is and as I smash a glass or dish I think about 'the anger' breaking as the dish breaks. Then I very calmly get the broom and dust pan, clean up and move on. Please understand, I am NOT ENDORSING going through your home and breaking things to make you feel better. I am only sharing because sometimes when anger becomes so overwhelming that for me at times this approach works. For you, there has to be a way to release the frustration and anger that builds up when we have to face things, that for lack of a better way to put it, SUCK! When I break things I do understand what the consequence will be. Some other ways to release the feelings that more traditional ways don't work are; Find a place that you can scream at the top of your lungs as long as it takes to tire the anger. Go to a lake, river pond, and throw small to large rocks in and wait for the splash. Kick a ball against a wall as hard as you can. If you are able, go to a gym and punch a punching bag, no gym, punch a pillow. When I was a runner, I would sprint as fast as I could until I could no longer walk, then I would sit down and cry until I was able to stand again. The point is, advice and ideas are great, but they don't work for everyone and they don't work everyday; sometimes a few dishes have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Dealing with the disease of addiction SUCKS for 
EVERYONE affected by it!

Today's prayer

God of love and compassion,
I am sorry for letting my anger 
get the best of me.
I thank you for continuing to watch
over me & those I love.
Today, I ask you to please
help me to find ways to
heal the anger and frustration
that I feel when I lose control of
my emotions and feel 

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  1. Everyone is entitled to a bad day. Fighting and accepting our emotion in the instant without action is real hard. From what I heard they still make dishes. So if anger comes out and a dish broken. So be it. We always find a better way when the ones before us don't work as well any longer.


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