Monday, April 18, 2016


The labyrinth 
Women's Leadership Institute
Hartford Seminary
Hartford, CT
This weekend at school I was sharing SOS 
and became very emotional.
When I launched SOS on the first Anniversary
of Ben's death from this life; my
intention was, and still is to do 
everything in my power to spread awareness,
love and support to all those affected by this disease.
It is both sad and a blessing that so many have 
received stones and or visited this site and 
the Facebook site. For me, the purpose of a labyrinth
 is to enter with an intention and as you walk the maze 
you contemplate how to work toward making 
that intention a reality. Others have different
prayerful ideas of the labyrinth and its 
mystery. As I walked the stones under 
feet crunched and gave me a sound to focus 
on. I thought about all of the people 
whom I pray for many times throughout the day
and how the list in my heart continues to grow.
I arrived at the center and thought I'd better
get back to class because my break was probably 
just about over. I very easily could have skipped
the maze and taken a short cut to exit but I 
chose not too. I needed to walk out remembering 
the way I walked in. for me to truly appreciate
moving on I had to remember how I got there.
As I left it was quiet and I felt very alone.
I heard a little shuffle and then another 
and turned to see a Momma turkey watching
me and realized she had been with me the 
whole time.  I was never alone, just out of
my sight was a divine creature watching over
my journey. Please remember there are so
many affected by this disease who hope and
pray every day for peace and comfort in your life.
Open your heart to receive those prayers.
I love you as does the Divine Power that
watches over us all.
Bless you and your journeys
~hugs~ Kristyn

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