Monday, April 11, 2016

A word of advice from Cameron

Yesterday we went for a hike at Crescent Lake and There was a mighty hill.

It may not look like much from the photo but, let me tell you; it is very long and very steep.  I was walking with Cam, the girls and Lincoln were up ahead.  I told Cameron look at your feet and every step you take.  Don't look at the hill because it looks way too hard.  We both looked at our feet and took one step at a time.  When we had climbed almost halfway, Cam says, "Nena (that's what he call's me) I need to take a chill".  I said you mean a break,, he says, "ya', a chill". and he sat down to take a break. After a minute or so he got up and was ready to take another step.

Most Gracious and merciful God of the universe
thank you for the wisdom of the little ones.
Please grant me the strength to take each step as 
it comes and the patience to take a chill when I 
need to restore my strength.         Amen

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