Thursday, April 14, 2016

not "just" a prayer

The word, just is very powerful. When you hear 'just listen', you know what the speaker has to say is important. Just a minute, means you are going to have to wait. Just a test, whether it is for school, work or at a doctor's office; could change your life.

I learned to be very careful when using that word when talking about myself or things that are important to me. I used to use it all the time and stopped thanks to my professor M.T. at Hartford Seminary. I have taught my children not to use it either.  Hillary would say she is "just a stay at home mom".  Annie said, "I am just a freshman in college".  Both of them have learned to correct themselves and remove the word unless it is absolutely necessary.  Using  'just' before something that you are doing takes the power out of it.  There is no such thing as just a stay at home mom because that mom is a caretaker, counselor, cook, cleaning person, teacher, mediator, builder, creative artist, all around super woman, and more than I can list here.  Just a freshman in college means that you have succeeded in your previous 13 years of school, including kindergarten. Anyone who has ever been accepted into a higher education program, no matter whether it be a trade school or traditional university type of school knows that there is no 'just' about it.

There is also nothing just about prayer or people with a common bond offering support to each other.  Prayer, is like a single mom, it multi tasks.  It offers hope, love, peace, support, kindness, care, thoughtfulness and more than I can list here. 

I KNOW that prayer and support can and does help and make a difference in everyone's lives. I believe everyone wants to be thought of in a positive and uplifting way. Please remember that my family and I, Ben's family, continue to pray for you and yours EVERY day.  Most days it is throughout the day. If and when you get that little tingle or the thought of these stones or this site crosses your mind; you are receiving prayer from those that love and support you, allow it to be a reminder that you are never truly alone. 

I have shared it before and I will share it again, our family motto;


Feeling the warmth of the sun through the trees
Kent. CT
Today and always, never 'just' in peace and love, Kristyn 

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