Sunday, April 17, 2016

This is Pam

This is Pam
Yes, Pam is a tree
Pam was given to me by my hospice patient, 
the other Pam, before she passed away.

Pam knew that someone needed to care
for her plant when she died and
she asked me to do it. I told her that I
was probably not the best one to care for it
because I was terrible at keeping house plants 
alive and that the plant would probably die
in my care. Her response was, 'if it stays
here, it will definitely die'. She 
assured me that I would do just fine and 
explained how she cared for it.
I took the tree home and named it Pam.
Everyone knows that I talk to her 
and do my best to keep her alive.
She has lost some leaves and has been 
over watered at times. If you look closely
you can see there are little skewers sticking
out of the soil. That is because my wonderful cat
decided to pee on Pam, funny, but not funny.
Those stakes are deterrents so that
Pam is not degraded again by my cat. So 
far so good. Pam is still alive and has 
recovered pretty well from all of the changes 
that occurred over the past year or so
since she moved with me. Pam has been through 
a lot and so have I, as her caregiver.
It has been a series of triumphs and failures.
The point is; She is still alive and 
I am still trying really hard to keep it that way.
I do believe that everything has a life force 
energy within them and Pam is no different.
She wants to live and has done a great job of 
weathering the storms of change.
Working together Pam and I will survive.

Working together we will all survive.
Please, never give up

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