Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spreading more love and support

Over the weekend the kids and I sat down to 
create more stones.  We thought it was important 
to share how we do this.

It was winter when we had decided that SOS would
be a good way to honor Ben's memory and create a tangible
legacy for his children that will live on.  Some 
of the stones had to be purchased because there was
very few places at the time to collect enough to give out to 
as many people as possible.
When the weather started to improve we started collecting
stones in places where 'peace' is found by many.
Ben's mom Kim has a beach that she frequently walks and
has been gathering stones during her time there.
We have started hiking again and have been collecting 
stones as we go as well, all the while trying to imagine who it
is that will receive them.

Once we have the stones, we gather around the table and 
share stories, and prayerfully consider what the stone should
look like.  The kids asked questions like; "what should they say, 
what should I draw, and what color", and my response was 
let the stone tell you.  It sounds ridiculous to some but for those 
who believe everything has an energy, it is not.
They had no problems at all after that with 'knowing'
what the stone should be.  Then we seal them with a clear coat 
and bag them with cards that share our 
message of hope and love for all.

Cameron, Ben and Hillarys oldest, who is almost 3
thoroughly enjoyed helping.  As you can see from the photos
he painted, punched, and bagged.  If you are lucky enough to 
get cards that are drawn on (most of them blue)
 those are Camerons masterpieces.  He also 
decided that there were some bags 
that needed more than one stone (we are assuming he knows 
something we don't).
We have tried very hard to let all of this happen very 
organically.  We try to have as little stress about
how this happens as possible but with many people around the
table, including Cameron and little Lincoln (almost six months old)
 there is always a little craziness.  For me, that
makes them more real. Life can be and is craziness more often
than not, but it is still worth living.

Hillary, Ben's soul mate (who also is in recovery) age 24, 
Bens siblings through Hillary, Annie who is 18,
 Bert who is 16, and Izabel who is 10.

They all have different feelings that they hope and wish to 
share with the recipients of these stones.  That is one of the many
 blessings of this mission.  Everyone is affected by this disease 
in different ways so it is just as important that all
 the messages be different too.  
The commonality of it continues to be:
 unconditional love and support for ALL!

We continue to pray and send positive messages
out to the universe that anyone and everyone
who has any connection at all to this site or these stones
finds peace, hope and unconditional love 
today, tomorrow, and for all eternity.
Much love, Kristyn

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