Saturday, April 23, 2016

Restoring the beauty

Things in life generally do not break on their own. Most times there is an action that causes a reaction. Sometimes it is simply because things wear out over time, but more often than not; it happens because the care things need to continue working properly is just not there.

This is a home that I fell in love with as I drove by. You can see the love of detail and creativity that whomever designed it must have had. I can visualize a family once sitting on the porch and kids running through the yard, loving that this was there home.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it fell into disrepair. Certainly, this did not occur overnight. Chances are it was many years of the 'little things' not being taken care of until someone decided that it was too broken to fix and left it there, alone. You see a shell of what it's grandeur once was, it makes me sad. We must find a way to see that everything and everyone is born or created beautiful with endless possibilities. Over time, neglect of things, ourselves or those we love creates sorrow and disrepair. Please go back and begin again, find that place of beauty and endless possibilities. Begin stripping away the things that no longer serve your higher purpose and your beauty. Take stock, and make a list of the things it is going to take to restore what once was. Some things take more work than others but all things that once had value can and should have value again. See the value through new eyes and a new vision of what it can be. The beauty is still there, just beneath the surface waiting for someone to care enough to make it beautiful again.  Let that someone be you, for yourself, or someone that you love.

In peace and love for the beauty of you

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