Thursday, April 7, 2016

Many ways to make a difference

Good morning
On Tuesday morning I had the privilege
of being invited to discuss the heroin epidemic
in our community, it was hosted by the chaplain for 
Bristol Hospital.  There was a panel of professionals
within the behavioral health community and 
representatives from area churches with many different 
perspectives on how to help those in need.  I was able
 to share SOS with those in attendance and 
met some really wonderful people who care so 
much and want to make a difference.
My goal in attending was not only offer our support
to the efforts, but to encourage others to join us 
in our efforts to bring this out of the shadows 
and help remove the stigma associated with addictions.
I learned of resources and made connections with
people and ideas that I had no idea existed.
There is so much out there to help and 
much of what is out there is offered by those who
are in recovery themselves and 
want to help others in the same ways that
others helped them.  I have said before there is no
magic wand, but there are so many ways that can help.
If you or your loved one hasn't found it yet, 
keep looking.  The common statement that stood
out to me was we can't give up, we must continue
to hold these folks up in thought, word, and deed.

I am sharing this photo today because
it inspired me.  It is somewhat hard to see but if 
you look closely although most of the fountain is completely 
frozen there is water that refuses to allow
the cold to stop it from flowing. It was simple beauty.  
It is a reminder to me  that I can and I will do everything within my
power to melt through the ice and find a way to face
another day. It isn't over until it's over, and it's not over!

As always with Much love in thought word and deed
to all of you. XOXOX -Kristyn

P.S. Special thanks to Pastor Steve for the invitation
& to a new friend and ally Pastor Gary for generously
donating to our ministry.

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