Sunday, May 15, 2016

3:33 Mind~Body~Soul & The day we lost Ben to the disease

For me, there can be very little peace unless I find
a way to connect and take care of my



is a time I associate with that balance.
When I was at a place in my life
where most things were not balanced
I woke up at exactly 3:30 every morning.
This went on for 5 months,
hard to believe, but true.
One morning after I had received news
of a new job, each of my children were
finding balance, and my marriage
was in a good place; I woke up at
3:33. This was so strange to me that
I picked up my phone and
took a photo of the clock
to remind me to think about it
in the morning.
I believe in messages of all types
and that the spirit world is very
close to ours and if you are open
to seeing it: it will show itself to you.
My research of numerology showed that
the number 330 meant something was
out of balance and that the spirit guides
were letting me know that they were
watching over me and helping me
on my journey.
333 means many things;
for me, they are trinity,
& Balance,which translate
to peace.

I shared this with Ben on one of our long
morning chats and he not only agreed
but understood and also felt as though things were
coming together for our families.
Ben had just enrolled in school,
which we were all super excited about.
That excitement was short lived,
Ben left this life shortly thereafter.
This is the hard part:
The day Ben died, Kim and Hillary
went to the hospital and I stayed home with
Cameron because at that time we thought he was
still alive. When I found out that was not the case
I went to the hospital to see him.
I had not noticed the time all day;
and as I arrived, I looked at the clock
before getting out of the car and
and it was 3:33.
I was furious,
I thought it was a cruel joke
the universe was playing on me.
I said out loud,
"are you fucking kidding me?!"
There are no words to describe seeing
someone you love
and their mom
and fiancé
at the bedside of their lifeless body.

Ben fought this disease
for many years and although his spirit
never gave up, his body did.
The moment I held him in my arms,
3:33 entered my mind again.
As difficult as it was for me, I understood
that his mind, body, and soul, had found peace.

For all of us that love Ben,
his resting in peace has not left us with
much peace. We see signs of
his presence in our lives all the time,
but it is not the same as having him

My prayer for you today
is that you
find as many healthy ways
as possible to take care of
because it is impossible
to live a peace filled life
without that balance

Our collective peace
depends on sharing our peace
with each other

I offer whole heartedly my peace
to all of you forever
and for always

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