Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Holding on to positive energy

Everything has an energy, including all of us. Our energy comes from within our souls and creates an aura around us. Have you ever been somewhere and felt good for no apparent reason? Being at the beach or in the woods, a park or in a city, maybe when you arrive 'home'; you get close to where you are going and you start to smile or breathe more easily. I call those places my happy places and I try hard to be in those places as much as I can because they restore my energy when it is drained.

There are people who you receive energy from as well. I know certain people who enter a room and instantly, I feel refreshed. These people have so much positive energy that it simply oozes out of them.

All of us are a combination of both, and the idea is that we need to do everything we can to keep our positive energies up and the negative energies low. That can be really hard to do. It takes a lot of work and even more practice to find ways to do this that does not cause harm to ourselves or others. Sometimes we do things that give us instant gratification but it can not be sustained so it has to be done again and again which inevitably causes more negative than positive.

Today I am asking you to think about what energy you feel surrounds you the most. Do you put yourself in places that have a history of stealing your energy; are there people who you see often or places that you go that seem to drain you and when you have walked away from those places you feel better? Ask yourself what you can do to change this. The more positive energy that leaves you the harder it is to function in a positive way. There are people who continually drain me, sometimes it is because they don't have enough energy of their own so they try to take mine. This never works, absorbing someone else's energy freely doesn't deplete theirs. Stealing someone else's by trying to bring them down with you only depletes both of your energies.

We all have days with more negative than positive and I know there are days that my negative energy could fill a coliseum. My hope is that I do all I can to use my energy for good rather than not good. When I am at my lowest I try to find something to do for someone else and when they smile, or laugh it puts more positive energy in the space I am in. It really doesn't have to be a huge thing, sometimes it is something simple like waiting the extra few seconds to hold the door for someone rather than rushing through. Complimenting someone works wonders as well. For me, I find that in the long run giving someone else energy ends up giving me more than enough energy to pull out of the negative path I sometimes walk.

There is always a choice, There are people we love that exude a ton of negative energy most of the time. No matter how we try, nothing seems to make a difference for them. That is ultimately their choice and they are going to have to find their own way down the path. It is hard to put distance between ourselves and the ones we love because it hurts to see our loved ones hurting. However, at times it is necessary for our own protection and their own growth. It is not a statement of giving up on that person, it is simply a statement to them that their negativity is not acceptable to you. They are going to have to learn how to get rid of their negative energy somewhere else, you are not a dumping ground. Remind yourself that your energy is yours; when you choose to share it, it does not take away from you. When someone drains it like an energy vampire you can choose to protect yourself. That is not selfish, that is survival of the soul.

These are just a few people, places and things that refuel my energy. 

Divine and energy filled spirit
thank you
for the energy
you have placed in me
and all that you have created.
Help me to be a good steward
of that energy.
Help me to increase the
positive energy in the universe
and to decrease the negative.
I ask that you continue to shine
your light on me
so that I may do my best
to shine my light on others.
In the name of all that is
beautiful in this world

In peace & Love, Kristyn

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