Thursday, May 26, 2016

What do you see?!

Do you see what  I see?


I see:
cotton balls
a face
cotton candy
a dragon blowing smoke
a bird

What do you see?
Am I right or are you right?

In certain situations
it simply does not matter.

The fact that we all see things
from our own perspectives,
does NOT lessen the perspective
of others.

Here's the hard part:
how do we handle ourselves
when we don't see things the same way?

Todays prayer
Most Divine creator of the world,
thank you for the beauty of all beings
and for the diversity that beauty holds.
Create in me a heart and soul capable of
welcoming and understanding 
the beliefs & ideas of others.
Help me to judge less,
and to share peace and love more.
Show me the way toward
more common ground
and unity.

In peace, hope, & love

1 comment:

  1. i see an hourglass in between the clouds. I have been diagnosed with a fatal disease and have been living with it for 24 years come October. i see myself turning the hourglass over and over giving myself new lease on life. With each turn, I try something new. i have released the artistic side of me.
    Peace & Love,


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