Sunday, May 22, 2016

A really cool way to council yourself (but not really)

A really cool way to council yourself
(but not really) 

In school recently I was taught a really cool concept that I have used quite a bit. It involves creating your own mentoring circle in your mind.  We have all met people and have learned about people that have made in impact on our thought process. This could be a historical figure, a religious leader, teacher, friend, family member, coworker, etc.

What I would like for you to think about is the people you admire and why.

When you experience times of trouble, change, fear, or choices arise; think about who you would ask for advice and why (alive or no longer alive, really doesn't matter).

Ask the people in your 'circle' what they would do; I am certain because you admire these people for a reason, the answer will come to you.  The people in my circle are people who have found a way to shine in the face of adversity. they are also people who have found a way to rise above their challenges and to succeed while making a difference in the lives of others.

My 'circle' (technically a square)

My circle includes; Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Martin Luther King Jr, and the list goes on. My circle is always changing, it can be my family and friends, at times it is people in my family who have gone before me; My step-father, my grandmothers, my grandfathers, patients that I became close to before they left this life and of course Ben. I remind myself that they are never far and I CAN call on them through my memories of what they have taught me and how they made me feel.

Going back to the last post, it is all about your ability to listen. Ask the questions of those in your circle, sit back; truly and actively listening for a response. It gets easier as you practice, give it a try.

We all have the power and ability to make changes and to find ways to cope that are beneficial to us and do not damage our bodies and spirits more than they already are.
I have said it before, this is NOT easy but it is possible.

When in
doubt, think it out.
Think of me, and those before;
listen to our answers more.
At times it is not ours to know.
We must ask for help from our circles
so.......I ask you; my circle,
of people I admire, help to set
my heart and soul afire.
Help me find that inner peace
so all my troubles, I can
Release. AMEN

with continued offerings of love and support, Kristyn

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