Friday, May 20, 2016


Being silent and listening does not come easy to me. My brain goes a mile a minute and at times I am so focused on my own thoughts that I am hearing but not listening. There is a difference; hearing is your ears actively working to notice sound and listening involves hearing and focusing on what the speaker is saying and doing your best to not hear the voice  in your head drowning out the speakers. I have a tattoo to remind me to be at peace within my mind and listen. Even with the visual reminder I still struggle but I refuse to give up. Today my prayer is for all of us to do our best to listen to those we love.

Loving and compassionate God 
I am thankful that
you are there to listen to me
all day everyday. 

I ask that you
Help me to be a better
Listener so that those I love
will be heard.

Shhhh.... Listen
Peace, hope, and love 
To you and yours 
Forever and for always

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