Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Super Powers of the world unite!

Yesterday we talked about building up and holding onto your energy. Today I want to focus on how everyone has a super power that is fed by that energy. Some people are born knowing exactly what that power is, while others take longer to figure it out and harness that power to help the universe and all that inhabit it. Think about what you are good at and what the people around you compliment you on. Most times your super power is right before your eyes but it is hard to see because we choose to look at what we are lacking in as opposed to what we are good at. There are many super powers out there and no two are exactly alike. For those of us that have spent our lives watching Wonder Woman, Superman, Super Girl, Batgirl, Batman, etcetera; it is clear that by day these are regular folks living regular lives until there is a need and out pops the iconic phone booth for Clark Kent to transform into the hero he was. I believe that we all have the ability to do our part to help our world.

Hillary is learning that one of her super powers is gardening and she is using that power to bring new life to our home (more about this in another post).

Annie is learning that being a smart and powerful young woman is a super power and she is using that power to propel herself through her premed program at school with honors.

Bert is learning that his power is being a leader. He has been well liked throughout his life for choosing to be his own person and 'marching to his own drum'. He is using his power to lead his junior class at school and his running teammates.

Izabel is learning that she has the power to show compassion and love for the elderly. She uses her power to make them feel special and cared for.

My Super power is my ability to offer comfort to the dying. I use my super power to show compassion and provide dignity to my patients who are leaving the physical world.

What we must remember about super heroes is that in almost every situation they come from humble beginnings or a place of darkness. They make a conscious effort to take that darkness and turn it into light.

Throughout history there are people we look up to and see as visionaries. A few of the people that I have always seen as super heroes were Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. Those are popular ones that most people have heard of, a few of the ones you probably have not are MT Winter, my professor at Hartford Seminary (google her, I have no doubt you too will be inspired). Kim Sullivan, Ben's mom who amazes me with her ability to educate others about addiction, her story, and her loss, in the hopes of saving someone else's child. Most of my hospice patients, although their lives are nearing the end their primary focus is making sure their families are going to be okay when they have left this world. There is something heroic to be found in everyone.

It is not boastful to say you have a super power, we would never say 'oh that superman he is so conceited'. Sharing your super power is humbling, it keeps you grounded on your journey. I believe there should be super hero counselors. A person who can listen to you and help you to establish and find ways to share your power.

Super power of the world
thank you for choosing me
for a special mission.
Guide me toward using my
super power for good
and not evil.
Remind me everyday
that you do have a master plan

Super powers of the world Unite!

In Peace and power, Kristyn

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